Fields of competence

The Team

Ing. Raischi Natalia Simona – Scientific Researcher – Head of Department
Ing. Luminaroiu Lucian Gheorghe – Scientific Research Assistant – Deputy head of Department
Dr. Ing. Cociorva Danut – Scientific Researcher II
Dr. Fiz. Sirbu Cristina – Scientific Researcher III
Ecol. Mincu Mariana – Scientific Researcher III
Dr. Ing. Boaja Iustina – Scientific Researcher II
Dr. Ing. Mitiu Mihaela – Scientific Researcher III
Ing. Stefan Daniela Ioana - Scientific Research Assistant
Checiu Rodica – Tehnician



1. Project Title: "Research and development of equipment to reduce exhaust pollutants from open or closed spaces of urban crowding”


During this project was realised an installation for the stop of pollutants specific road traffic in subway area by their stop in absorbent elements with activ carbon and hopcalite.

2. Project title: Contract no. 51-020/2007 CEEX-Partnerships "Wastewater treatment technologies results in the production of bakers 'yeast'”


Mixed treatment solutions consisting in the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in the first stage, followed by the aerobic decomposition in open pools, then in biofilters.